We Are Committed to STEM Education

Our program focuses on developing students’ persistence, confidence, STEM content knowledge, and regional workforce awareness.

Our Mission is to promote and advance STEM education

and career readiness.

What is STEMWorksII?

STEMWorksII is an innovative program that aims to foster STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and career readiness among students. It serves as a comprehensive framework that brings together various stakeholders, including educators, industry professionals, and policymakers, to promote effective STEM practices and support the development of a skilled STEM workforce.

STEMWorksII provides schools and organizations with guidance, resources, and tools to enhance their STEM initiatives, empowering students to engage in hands-on learning experiences, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and explore STEM pathways.

By nurturing a passion for STEM and equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills, STEMWorksII is driving the next generation’s readiness to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving world.

Current Programs

JROTC STEM Leadership Academy

The JROTC STEM Leadership Academy is an immersive and engaging program designed specifically for JROTC cadets, offering a transformative experience over the course of a week-long residential summer camp. Combining the principles of JROTC with the exciting world of STEM, this academy provides cadets with a unique opportunity to enhance their leadership skills while exploring the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Critical Thinking

Better understand and value math and science and STEM workplace skills


Real-World Preparedness

More aware of, interested in, and know preparation needed for STEM jobs in local area industries



Know more about, and are more interested in, educational opportunities after high school



Practice and improve 21st Century teamwork and leadership skills

Stay updated with us

Through our blog, we aim to inspire, inform, and support educators, students, and stakeholders in their journey towards a brighter future powered by STEM. Stay updated on the latest trends, events, and resources in STEM education. 

The results are in!

The results are in!

The results are in, and the winners are… The Cadets for their gains in teamwork, leadership, communication, and other 21st Century workforce skills and their growth in confidence, courage, and personal responsibility during the Summer 2023 STEM Leadership Academies...

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